Ars Magica, Doomed From The Start

Coming to a Circle & Everyone's Getting Wet

Our last session started off with the group reminding me that they had decided to tie Fisherman Bob’s old boat up and sent for the shipwright to come look at it, the group then continued on their way east to finish searching the beaches of the island.

They next arrived at a curious little inlet on the island, where the water from the sea had poured into a clam little bay, the water here was so calm that it had actually become more like tropical water instead of the icy cold waves that covered most of the rest of the beach. In the small place they found near the end of it a sinkhole about a hundred feet in diameter. Inside it went down until the light could no longer reach it and perched on the side 50 feet down was half a ship. The entire group was quite curious about it and talked amongst themselves about various ways to bring it up or restrain it so someone could go climb around in it, but in the end no one seemed to have any sure fire way that would hold the ship without causing it’s apparently loose hold on the side of the sinkhole to slip, and plunge into who knows what. Peter von Buren cast some magic that let him see fine in the water & be able to breath it, then hoped right in. He found it too far down to dive with his wimpy body & unskilled athleticism, so instead climbed down the rocky outcrops of the wall until he was down by the ship. He saw that it was indeed hanging on by apparently nothing, the large hole where the ship was split in 2 pressed completely against the wall. He could see threw various doors on the deck that there was still what appeared to be crates of something. The cabins quarters on the top of the ship had a open door, but even with the light spell that was cast on him (i forgot by who) he couldn’t really see inside, and thought twice about risking using the ship as a guide. So Aku finally went back up and told everyone what he saw, they all agreed to come back at some other time when they would use lots of rope, grogs & maybe magic to secure the ship & explore or even bring it back up.

Before they got back to the covenant they found one more interesting object on the beach, a dinner plate sized seed of some kind. None of them were sure what it is, it looked sort of natural, in that it was all made of one type of material, like a seed or bark. It had long fibrous tendrils that all fell in one direction on it and the thing was covered in barnacles, one side of it was perfectly smooth (the side opposite of the one with the tendrils). One of the grogs for some reason touched the “seed” and he suddenly turned into a puddle of water that quickly washed away into the sand…quite shocked no one knew what to do till John as his fox self picked it up in his mouth and trotted back to camp.

Once back in camp Ai Alin questioned everyone about what happened, & john hid the seed in his room…however as he was going to hide it everyone noticed he looked…odd. The Fox was slightly blue and looked a bit see threw, one of the mages even touched him and he felt squishy. John growled at them and hid the seed for a while until eventually after Ai Alin constantly asking him to bring it out, he did. They looked at the seed and were considering what to do with it, someone suggested putting it in with Cybnarl, when another of the grogs went over and touched it when Arathos de Gascony sarcastically dared him to. The Grog, like the other one, turned into a pool of water. The party cast a few detection spells on the seed, finding out that it had no metal on it and apparently wasn’t magical.

This is about when we ended our session because i blew up and like a jerk yelled at everyone because of my own worries & stress. Sorry about that once again.



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