Ars Magica, Doomed From The Start

Covenant & Play Times

First Session Start Date

We will hold our first session Sunday 4/29 at 7pm eastern (that’s UTC-5). As long as at least 3 people show up we will continue with the session. This session will deal mostly with getting acquainted with the location of the Covenant, building the Covenant, and possibly getting to know some of the locals, as well as each other. If the game doesn’t happen Sunday we will attempt for Thursday at the same time during the day.

As you can see on Doodle HERE there are many days where everyone but 1 person can play, so we will probably be changing each day of the week that we can play to try and incorporate different people in, without forcing any specific person out. However it should be said that still several players have not actually signed up on doodle. Also Doodle isn’t taking into account daylight savings time i believe, so times maybe be off by an hour, ill be sure to double check with everyone individually about this.

Your current Covenant Build Points have bought the following.

  • Library (quality): Parma Magica 3(3), Penetration 3(4), Survival 4(3), Undecided Art 5(3)
  • Lab Texts:
  • Vis: 14/Yearly 30/Stocks
  • Specialists:Shipwright or Stonemason (3), Undecided (3),
  • Enchanted Items: 2 Flying Stone Horses

Please look at the previous adventure log for more information about the Covenant, as well as rules on how many BP you personally get and how you can spend them.

New Setting Information

I finished 5 wiki entries for where you guys will be starting, i will be adding several more over the course of the next few days. If you have any personal input into the setting or the specifics of what i have already created, please leave it in the comments or contact me directly and we can talk about it :) Input from players is always welcome and i would love to add some of your own ideas to the world to tighten your investment.

Arnoldus Villicus Provider & backer of the Covenant, the reason you get your lovely home.
The Frosty Glade A Faerie Regio located relatively close to Cana and your Covenant.
Port Cana This large port town is the closet mortal settlement & a heavy trade spot for the locals & Holy Roman Empire.
Leviathan A monster that supposedly lairs somewhere around Cana or the island.
Daedis Preceded by a shaking of the earth, this monsters victims dissipear without a word.



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