Ars Magica, Doomed From The Start

Gathering, Learning & Creating

Reminder!!! Please join up on this site and tell me your name so i can add you to the campaign. Also please make a doodle account as we will be using that for scheduling. The quicker people sign up for these things the sooner we will begin

Until we actually begin i will use this as a status update page so you guys can know what i’m going about working on.

Game Status

  • Number of Players Interested: 11
  • Number of Players Showing Initiative: around 6
  • Number of Completed Characters: 4
  • RPTools Post Still Active: No
  • Personally Finished PDF Rules: Almost, 85% or so

I am today working on reading over the covenant rules & trying to decide how we will go about doing this for the first time, i have already decided a few things that will be set.


  • Season: Spring
  • Baseline: I am considering a complete start from scratch, meaning you would have something like a partial kit from your masters to start up a Covenant, some grogs & a location of power already picked out. This is suggested as great for new players, but does also mean it will take a bit of time before the covenant is fully up to date and everyone has their own quarters/lab.
  • Power Level: Low
  • Library & Lab Text: You will start with resources for a library and some lab text as usual, its just that you haven’t actually constructed a place to keep all of the books & papers right now.
  • Vis: Perhaps a small stock that you brought with you and maybe a weak source nearby
  • Specialists: Maybe a few, very limited as they have no real use until you are already established
  • Hooks: Unknown x 6, Minor Beholden, Minor Monster x 2, Minor Poverty,
  • Boons: Aura x 4, Hidden Resources x 2, Major Regio, Prestige Minor

Your covenant, though new, has a reputation because of the people backing you guys up. Your group is seen somewhat as a experiment and a lot of great things are expected of you, for only a very small price to the masters who helped you out. Perhaps the largest thing they did for you was find a location that was in a strong aura and protected by a powerful Regio

Player Input in Covenant Creation
Put in the comments any particular interest you have in the covenants creation, such as its location. As of right now all that’s for sure is that its in a magical place (witch can be nearly anywhere), not in a town, not on a major road, and the ocean is within a days travel.

Build Points will be done completely by the players, as i have just as little experience with them as the rest of you. Your group begins with 50 build points per player (so between 300 and 500 I’m hoping). Each player can use their points how they wish, going by the Covenant building rules on p71. It is important to note that the resources you chose are property of the convent, however the person who pays the points for them generally has first dibs as well, being the person who in game brought or allowed them to be acquired. Feel free to leave in the comments what you would like to do with yours and talk with other players about it if you wish to. Because of the Hidden Resources Boon of your Covenant you will receive further build points later on in the game, though usually any additions to the Covenant are not bought with build points but actually found & built yourselves after campaign start.

The following limits apply to each person separately spending their build points

  • No more then 1 specialist
  • No more then 10 vis stockpile
  • No more then 5 yearly vis

Current Player Magi Ideas

  • Ambitious smooth talking wizard
  • Shape changing elementalist hedge wizard


I had an idea for where the convent might be, Devenish island. Its an island in N.Ireland that has a tower and a church-like building on it, its about 1 1/2 miles long and 2/3 miles wide. its about an hour or two boat t ride to Enniskillen, the nearest town, and 7-10 hours to the sea.
picture of what the church would have looked like: here .
moved from comments bit

Gathering, Learning & Creating

Would be interesting if the island is volcanic formed, now dormant. Provides opportunities like a good place to find Ignem, Terram and possibly Perdo vim resources. Looks somewhat unique too. Also such islands are very fertile, just think gardens, vineyards, crops, umm Creo and Herbam resources.
Heck yeah gotta have a vineyard.
And most importantly if we get out of hand a good reset button or a plot hook (hostile covenant could try to wipe us out with it). And what if a dragon is sleeping at the center all nice and cozy and warm?

Gathering, Learning & Creating

My list of components:
5 Pawns/yr of Aquam Vis (25 points)
5 pawns stocked of Perdo Vis (1 pt)
5 pawns stocked of Aquam Vis (1 point)
Apu the magical goods salesman (Rank 5 Barginning (Magical Goods)) (5 points)
Summea El Aqueous (Summea book of Aquam Art) Level 12, quality 6 (18 points)

Gathering, Learning & Creating

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