Ars Magica, Doomed From The Start

Introduction & Fisherman Bob

Our first session went quite smoothy and I was extremely surprised at just how many people showed up, not only everyone who said they would but one person who thought they might not! I also weeded out 2 others who stated interest in the game but showed no acceptable amount of initiative (no it’s not any of you :p).

The opening introduction went as follows. If you don’t want to read it again scroll past it to “Summery”, if you are new to the campaign don’t scroll past it.


It is the first millennium, and mankind is once again…umm…filled with wizards?

Welcome to Ars Magica. In this game i hope for us to have fun & deal with situations & experiences that are not common in other RPGs. I’m hoping politics will play a heavy role in the game, both inside the Covenant between its members, the party itself, and between you mages and the rest of the world. As a mage of the Order of Hermes you are part of the strongest society of mages in the world, and yet only a marginal power compared to the church or most major countries. Your life is one of self exploration, determined by yourself, paid for by yourself, and you yourself are responsible for your actions.

This is a game where a great deal of the fun comes in designing spells, going about a goal that you personally set, weather that’s building a floating castle or furthering the Orders understanding of the fae. In between sessions will usually be fast time, where months pass and you decide how you spend that time…perhaps researching or perhaps looking in the world for some magical item you want to find. In Ars Magic the story is driven by you guys, by the players. Will i effect things? Of course, and occasionally i will bring in a story unrelated to the covenant members, but in general i will try to make it so that everything that happens happens for a reason that can be traced to one of you, if not to the locale you live in.

A few things I’d like to go over once again shortly just to make sure everyone understands this (if somehow it fell threw the cracks). The laws of the Order of Hermes are strict & it is VERY dangerous to bend them, deadly to break them, and even skirting them can get the orders ire. The Order views problems in its ranks very simply…if the Order doesn’t keep it’s mages in line then the Inquisition will keep the Order in line. That being said dealing with demons AT ALL (including developing techniques to attack them, learning about them to protect against them and such) is against the rules. Bringing attention to the Order from the church is also HIGHLY frowned upon. Causing unrest with mortals is also against the rules (doing this to the church will usually get you killed). The Order is very big on execution, mostly because banishment doesn’t quite work with the whole “anyone know knows Parma Magica joins or dies”

We will be starting roughly in the 1200s, in north western Belgium. In this version of history the Holy Roman Empire has expanded a bit faster and further then it actually did, and so the majority of Belgium is under it’s influence.

Any questions? If you need to now would be a good time to check the Obsidian Portal site in its wiki for Port Cana as well as the Character Arnoldus Villicus, the backer and original provider of the Covenant.


Our first session dealt mostly with getting everyone together, making sure people could run maptools & hamachi, having people pick a few token pictures & so on. We went through introductions from each character and then started off.

Our story began with the majority of the players in a large caravan numbering roughly 24 grogs and a few small wagons. They had each traveled form a different place and caught up together on the road, since they were aware of each other roughly from their agreement to “take” the covenant. They were informed about Arnoldus Villicus and his place in the creation of the Covenant, mostly that he owned the land, as well as his reputation & likely expectations of it. Though it once used to be Arnoldus’s the Covenant now officaly, legaly & in all other ways belongs to the players…though they are indebted to the powerful wizard.

Arriving at the cliffs overlooking the sea the players realized that they had no way set up yet to actually get over to the island. It being near evening the group for the most part decided against going to the port (witch would be a few hours trip away anyways) & Drake Darkstar noticed a small fisherman’s port within sight. Draky, Peter von Buren, John & Vobis went down while Arathos de Gascony & Ali stayed with the grogs further up the hills.

The Small fisherman’s port consisted of a roofed dock, a old dusty barn used for storage, another small building presumably used for storage & a small house. Peter knocked on the door & spoke to Fisherman Bob. The man was fairly nice, though glared at Vobis a few times (the only one in the group who didn’t have the gentle gift, except for john who was a sparrow at the time). He also yelled at Draky, who was wandering around scouting out the place. Though suspicious at first Bob eventually become a lot nicer & after some light arguing agreed to let the group use his boat, the magi providing him with its value in coin until they finished with it, at witch time they would return the boat, get their deposit back & pay a small fee.

After going up to the grogs & other 2 magi everyone headed to the small dock, seeing the fisherman with a pipe & chair ready to watch the on goings. Bob was surprised at the number of people & insisted that they not try to bring wagons or horses over, as it would sink his boat & he had already lost his backup boat. The group assured him they were not going to, having had no plans to in the first place, and the shipping began.

It took them the rest of the night to get everything over to the shore, each there & back trip requiring over a hour, as only 1/2 a wagon and 5 people could fit into the boat at once. During the first trip Arathos de Gascony decided to try and hasten the journey by creating wind in the sails & ended up throwing himself off the boat, nearly drowning due to his inability to swim, and was only saved because Vobis tied a rope around a grog and the grog leaping in. Once on the shore Arathos created wind again to help one of the trips but after that stoped. John, while a sparrow, was accosted by several unusually large black crows, but made himself a bit more beefy with magic and scared them off…though wondered where such nearly supernatural looking creatures had came from.

The last part of the session delt with after midnight, the grogs making an agreement with the fisherman to clean up his stables if they were allowed to let their horses & themselves rest in there, leaving the wagons simply outside.

Overall the session seemed quite successful & i am looking forward to our next game, i hope you all are too!



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