Ars Magica, Doomed From The Start

Lazy & Confused, 2 of 151

Sorry for the late update, blame diablo 3! If you get the 2 of 151 joke…congratulations!

Our last session started off with clarifying who made what place to rest and who was sleeping where. We then proceeded to a middle of the night encounter when a small Pseudo Dragon attacked John in his sleep. There was a bit of commotion as John threw the thing off and Pyrus Greed came running out, as well as everyone else, to see what was going on. It seemed that Pyrus somehow knew the little creature and showed a great deal of interest in it, getting it to eventually with some persuading come over to him. Unfortunately that persuading involved letting the thing chew on his finger till it nearly severed a tendon, and while the creature did calm down after chewing off a bit chunk of Pyrus’s thumb it disappeared in the middle of everyone’s view. That being done Pyrus explained that he would appreciate if everyone was tolerant and nice to the creature, since he wanted to investigate it further when he got the chance. Everyone went back to sleep and the rest of the night was uneventful.

Most of the mages were woken up by the smell of breakfast from the grogs cooking, and everyone took to their meals quiet fiercely, though still half asleep and somewhat secluded from each other in conversation. Eventually everyone started talking together about what they should do today, and after a small conversation with the trent Cybnarl, in witch he as usual insulted them and screamed bloody murder…though this time made special by Pyrus having no clue what was going on, they all decided that it would be best if they started investigating the island. There was a lot of discussion about how they should go about exploring but none of it ended up being very decisive, so Pyrus simply took half the grogs & left, all the magi except for Draky Darkstar following him.

Drakys private exploration was for the hopes of finding a more “normal” forest then the rest of the palm tree type surrounding the covenant and most of the island. He was somewhat successful, finding a heavy jungle type forest north east of the covenant around the south western side of one of the 2 hills on the island.

The group headed north, passing threw the open forests with their tall wide canopy’s of great big fronds, with the heavy undergrowth & distinct lack of fauna. John as usual was flying above the rest in sparrow form. They passed several groups of birds visiting the island and eventually came to the northern end of the forest, the shore roughly 1/2 a mile away. As they crossed the sandy ground they noticed edged & out of place looking rocks breaking up threw the sand. The rocks never rose very high and they were spread out several hundred feet, covered with the sand in parts. The stone was not uniform, but few of them rose much higher then a foot out of the ground, and John said that from the sky the rock & sand “formations” seemed to be limited to a circular patch several hundred feet in diameter. The group investigated the rocks for a bit, realizing that they didn’t emanate with the same heat as the rest of the island. One of the mages was quite sure that it wasn’t formed by any natural phenomenon he knew of, another mage was pretty sure it had some degree of supernatural meaning to it, but no one could figure out anything more.

Marking the spot of the sand covered odd stone ground the group headed on the coast counter clockwise around the island. Of note on the beach was the amount of debree that was all over the place, some fresh, some not & some extremely old. There were bits of things from the port, trash and the like, but there was also parts of wreckage & all sorts of other pieces of worked wood & metal that couldn’t be placed. It wasn’t that the beach was covered with the stuff, but there was far more of it then is normal, even for a island right near a port. With the rise & lowering of tides who knows what sort of wrecks could be hidden inland or just out of view underneath the waves. Near the southern end of the island the group found a small wooden boat, very similar to the one they transported themselves onto the island with…just the same actually, except for this one seemed older, had a small crack in the bottom, was waterlogged & covered in barnacles. The wood seemed “fresh” from the ocean, seemingly having been trapped under the waves for quite some time. They magi all decided quite correctly that this must be Fisherman Bob’s old boat.

And with that we ended the session a bit early. Some people were distracted & i was busy dealing with a player in private. Pyrus decided that he was going to drop out of the game and i will be moving his character to a NPC.



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