Al Ain

Spanish Moor, Knight and Magi of House Jerbiton


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House: House Jerbiton
Virtues and Flaws:
Oath of Fealty
Skilled Parens,
Puissant Art(Muto), Deft Form
Hermetic mage social status
Faerie Blood
Faerie friend
Improved Characteristics
Outlaw Leader
Gentle Gift
Waster of Vis
Privileged upbringing from free Virtue from house Jerbiton

Intelligence: 2 Perceptions: 0 Strength: 0 Stamina: +1 Presence: +2 Communications: +1 Dexterity: +1
(Area) Lore: Personalities 2=15xp
Native Language: 5=0xp, Spanish.
Athletics: Running 2=15xp
Awareness: Body guarding 2=15xp
Brawl: Dodging 2=15xp
Charm: Courtly Love 2=15xp
Folk Ken: Townsfolk 2=15xp
Guile: Lying to Authority 2=15xp
Living Language: English 5=75xp
Stealth: Urban Areas 2=15xp
Survival: Setting shelter 2=15xp
Ride: Speed 3=30xp
Leadership: Inspiration 3=30xp
Carouse: Games of chance 2=15xp
Etiquette: Lying to Authority 2=15xp
Music: Singing 3=30xp
Chrirurgy: Cauterization 2=15xp
Animal Handling: 30xp Horses
Common Law: 5xp
Single weapon: 4=50xp
Bows: 2=15xp
Philosaphae: 2=15xp
Civil and Canon Law: 2=15xp
90xp= Artes Liberals 1, Latin 4, Magic Theory 5:speciality Muto & Parma Magic 1
Code of Hermes: Mundane Relations: 30
Code of Hermes: Political intrigue: 30
Creo= 7, 28xp Intelego, 1=1xp Muto,21xp
34xp=10 Perdo, 1=1xp Rego, 6=21xp Corpus 4=10xp Animal 4=10xp Vim, 7=28xp Aquam=1
Growth of the Creeping things- Lvl. 15 small size creature grow four times its size
The Beast Remade- Lvl 25
Transformation of the Ravenous beast to the Torpid Toad: lvl 25
Soothe the Ferocious Bear: Lvl 15
Vipers Gaze: Lvl 15
Aegis of the Hearth- Lvl 5
Shape of the woodland Prowler (Toad): Lvl 25
Wizard Boost: Lvl 20
Touch of the Pearls: Lvl 5

Personality: Stubborn, Caring, Ambitious.

Wizards Sigil: Steam, a Small Toad


Al Ain

Spanish Moor that was born in the space between the Almohad empire and New Castile where he was the son of a prominent baker of the castle in the magical and beautiful city of Toledo. His father worked in the Kitchens of a Prominent Noble.Here during his early childhood he was raised in the arts of some of the people in the castle to eventually becoming a Talented and well educated messenger boy. This gave him a job at a very young age and he found talents that most ordinary boys did not develop yet, as he worked around the castle and brought messages to other parts of the Land that the Noble had the noble started to grow fond of the Boy and was brought in as his squire at the age of 7 like most children who go to train as Knights. Bakers son, to Child Messenger to Squire of a Great Knight.

He studied and trained hard for this occupation,He did the meager tasks like saddle horses and make his bed, but also he was to study the books of the Knights Library and learn the Tenants of a Knight. He learned of Valor and all the War Stories he learned Law and Phlosophy, and one day in the back of the Library he found books on Magic, It was the first time he saw anything about this, His master told him not to worry about it but he was intrigued, yet whenever he tried to understand it, It made no sense whatsoever. So he went to continue more important things like Squiring for his master. for three years he did these tasks until the noble was called to battle which Al Ain followed after. For he was the squire of a great Knight. Here he learned some fundamentals of fighting. Here he was shown the horrors of the battlefield. When he was in Camp he trained with a Long sword and tried on and tampered Armor, Before Battles he would Put on his Masters Armor Brandish his sword and present it before him. At night or after a battle he would feed the horses and Stand Guard at his masters Tent Yet even through all these grusome sights he was given the chance to see the rest of Europe and some of the lands of the moors, the lands were his father had come from. The place of his ancestors, yet they were fighting in English Lands were he learned English. But there was one day worth Remembering the day he met the Wizard.

Al Ain Remembered the first time he saw the great wizard.He was kind of Tall, and was and had white scraggly mop on top of his head, he had whiskers covering his face. He wore a Stained Green Robe and a Beat up Hat with holes all over it. He carried a Gold Dragon Head, this would have been a wonderful thing to have if the head was not mounted on a staff made of rotted wood. If this had been anyone else they would be a bum. Yet as the Wizard strolled through the camp, He almost Carried an aura around him, like an inner glow. The had an Oath to repay yet it came to Al’s Knowledge that this was not to be, for the Wizards of the House of Hermes were not supposed to make oaths or interact with mundanes as much as he did, but it did not seem like he cared. Many said bad things about the Wizard yet he was a magnificent figure to a boy of 12. Al had heard of Witches and rouge Warlocks that lived on the outskirts of haunted woods and Cursed Mountains, the horrible hexes and magics that they could do, but the Tall Scraggly old man did not seem like his intentions were bad. He remembered the hoarse voice the Wizard had as he approached the Tent of his master the Glint of his eye as he looked at him. Before telling him that he had an appointment with his master. All he did was nod his head and step to the side as the Wizard entered the tent. He listened to the conversation trying to decipher what was said. All he heard was silence, then he heard a cup drop and something crash. He ran inside and drew his long knife. Inside his Master stood looking stunned, In all his time with his master he was always calm, even in the midst of battle he never ever made an expression, But now he stood with surprise, a wine goblet on the floor and a pot of wine smashed upon the floor. I stood in the entrance of the camp, but as my master stood there his shocked face turned to a grin, and he walked toward the wizard and gave him a hug. That night I was glowing in happiness, I got the chance to serve both a Knight and a Wizard, I even got to have a couple of drinks with them. That night they told stories and what was happening like old friends. It was also the day I found out that my master was more than he seemed. He was very knowledgeable I knew that, he would know things that others wouldn’t, and it was about everything, even about mystical things, but I had always thought that was just because he had been to many places, but the truth was that he used to be an apprentice. This Wizard was his master, he used to be able to cast magic, they started to speak of experiments gone wrong and funny things that happened with magic. They spoke of magic as a friend, many soldiers that have fought witches and warlocks spoke of them only doing dark arts and things, but they spoke of it in a fond memory, But then I passed the boundaries and turned the night sour when I asked why my master had not continued to be a Wizard. The answer was that he was a failed apprentice, and that the ability to cast magic which came from the gift in him was destroyed. The grins turned serious and he told about a dark experiment he told of the dangers of magic. The next thing that surprised me that night is when they started to talk about me, for they brought up something that most did not know, they told me that I was part Faerie and had it flowing in my veins. But I was a squire, no gifted individual, true I had some Faerie Blood deep in me from a lost line in his family yet that had no affect that he noticed, but that was the reason he was a mulato and not one of the high noble houses. It was why his father had to move from his Home and come to work in the Kitchens, his dad was not sad about it, for he was happy he could provide for his family, And look at his son now, a Squire, well educated and taught turning to a noble maybe one day. I was surprised that both knew, my master told me that was one of the things he liked about me.

Yet as the night went on the Wizard soon left, he would have loved to continue the conversation between his Lord and the Wizard, for they were friends but he was to leave for they were about to discuss battle plans or whatever other discussions they were having. Yet after he met the wizard trouble started to happen. The peasants, soldiers of the Englishmen started to act up like the heathens they were, they grew restless and dangerous, but that was the least of his problems when his lord decided to go march into some woods, My Lord had said that they had to complete a goal the Wizard left, my Lord said that he was not going to join us in this mission for he thought it wrong. there I saw Faerie for the first time, there is where I saw magic for the first time, this is how I saw the horrors of magic and also why Myths of monsters were true, yet I served my lord well on that day, I fought by his side and saw how we tried to kill many things that day. I felt the vigor of magic surrounding me a longing for something more, yet it came at a terrible price, I started to noticed that I was nothing but a boy, not a soldier, yet as I walked out of the woods my Pride shot upwards and excelled from that moment on. I had joined a contingent of men and wore some armor, I fought that day my Lord by my side, yet when we won the day, My Lord had died. He said he was cursed and didn’t have long, right there before an army he Knighted me for I had survived the onslaught of a Faerie advance I was a Knight now, many said that I was still too little but I had my papers and also had been knighted in front of an army by right I was a Knight. The Soldiers that I had led to battle became my first guard, and I led them to battles during the next couple of months. But as I looked back to that day now I see my master as I led him back to his tent the last time. He laid in his bed and went to sleep, I did all my errands and stayed with him, I was a Knight but I was still only a boy of 12, The captain of the soldiers said that he would help me, for not many would listen to a boy.

Still I thought about my Lord everyday, that gruseome day still haunted my dreams, the War that I was in became too much for me. The deaths the, screams and shouts the drums that you heard like hell raising coming to take you back was unbearable. 12 Years old and covered in blood, It was not the first battle that I did poorly, I had luck on my side though. A Goblin came and went during the times I would have the most trouble. The Goblin I noticed was from the massacre yet he did not want me dead he would help me, and chuckle he would cast spells and magics unknown to me yet he was invisible to everyone else But everything came at a price, for the months that I was in battle the Goblin came to me in the knight and showed me a vision of death and misery, then a multitude of visions that were so big it was wiped from my memory the moment it touched it. He then asked for food which I gave willingly, but then the prices increased, to gold, pleasures and finally a life. It was then that I noticed my friend was, just an annoyance, a pest something to come back and retake a debt. The life it took was my second in command a soldier who was going home to see his wife and kids, after this had happened, I left, with my Soldiers. We honorably seceded from the war. I was a Knight with no purpose nothing to do we had riches from places we looted and we spent them on everything we could. Finally our gold started disapating but we were still fine, but wherever I went the Goblin followed and caused mischief, he said that I had owed him my whole life since he had saved my life many times, he charged my success with his help and that he was the secret of my pride. As a 12 year old boy I had believed for there was no such thing as a 12 year old Knight, and no Knight had won all the battles that I had won all the victories that I had won, they said I was a war machine, they said it was like I was two glorious golden Knights, I inspired my soldiers as if I had agice my enemies fell before me like the wind. And what they said was true, the Goblin did just that, he fell my enemies like the wind, he used to take my soldiers drinks and make them stronger and more vigorous it used to tear there minds apart and make them war machines. I had seen how my men fight mindlessly, but after I took them out of the war the goblin stopped giving them the drink and my men grew restless and sad. In my armor I was a Killing machine when I wasn’t I was nothing but a boy.

As I turned Thirteen, I started to enjoy some pleasures but we came upon a town and the town led us to a castle in the woods. My men turned ruthless and even though we still had money they just began to rob and steal, they became outlaws. They had wanted to go and raid a covenant from some wizards as they were convinced that some old men in bathrobes could do nothing to them. But as they approched the location we had got lost, We couldnt find it no matter how hard we tried and then eventually we gave up but just as we were lost inside the woods to the covenant we were lost so that we couldnt even find our ways out. Eventually we came upon a Wizard he lifted his hands and before him we cowered. I then noticed that this was the wizard that had been a friend to my Lord. he then led us to his castle in the middle of the woods, why we hadnt seen it before was a mystery. He then fed us, and clothed us, and took us in. Why I stayed there the Wizard asked me questions about my master and how he died he told me that they used to be good friends he was the same wizard that came the year before. he then offered to take me in. He told me that I was gifted, and had an inner power that would be useful. He offered me an Aprenticeship which I denied. I went and left whith my men, they returned to being the outlaws that they were, for I was no longer there glorious Knight, and they started to become reckless and then wondered why they were taking orders from a 13 year old. This was when my men turned against me I battled one two then three, I was a better soldier than the drunks that came. yet just barely, when they became sober, I was not a match and before I was defeated once again the GOblin inteveined, and this time all of them saw him, he snuck up and sliced a man in half and that shut them up, he then continued on his way and left. From that point the men didnt see me the same way again but they were a little more loyal.

After that I returned to the covenant left my gold with my outlaws and told them to take care of thereselves. I arrived and the Wizard stood and waited for me, like he knew that I would arrive, here I learned the trade of magic, I studied, and studied, he was a great teacher I understood why my Lord liked him, for they were not that diferent, they were a little seperated yet they were kind and had a prescence. As the years went by I was taught the ways of the nobles for often I had to return to them and drop of messages as I had done with my father, It was work I was used to. I even learned a way to tell the difference of poisons for my Wizard was not liked and had to be careful of what he drank just in case he was poisoned. He taught me the ways of magic. It was a wonderful experience to feel the magic surge through me yet it was tiring, and the studies were boring but I took what I could and learned it. Eventually he became old and started to become interested in Bugs and certain animals until finally he became interested in frogs. He said thet they had a deep interest, and some magical property. He was a good teacher and taught me the forms of Muto and Creo in fairly well ways. but it eventually turned to him only teaching me spells of these toads. I was fascinated and followed his teachings without a doubt, he taught me what I had to learn to change things to frogs and the intricacies of the small creatures he said that in something so small, had so much potential and power. I learned spells that even required a little thought to the most prominent wizards. Why my Paren turned this way is unknown to me, for his obsession with this began to grow, yet I followed like a soldier I saw things and learned many things. He said that these creatures had something about them an inner power like us he told me to remember that for the beasts of the wild are serene in there own way and should not be personified for we are beasts aswell. My Paren became old and babbled on yet my studies became complete.

When I did not study I went and escaped and went to the city that gradually grew. There I met with my old men who had started a little band, most had left and started trades but some stayed and continued there thieverish ways. I spent short hours with them yet I always returned to my master and learned the arts. I learned Latin, and all the Various arts. He taught me the arts as I was supposed to learn yet the spells that I recieved from him were not necesarily the most useful, he told me that he wanted a legacy, a legacy and that it would be found in the creatures of small, he inquired to why we humans stood above everything else while the bugs and other small creatures, who had many gifts remained small and able to kill with the bottom of a boot. It was this he inquired. when my apprenticeship was over I had received some message from my master that I was to go and join a covenant. It would be far from my home somewhere in northern Belgium on an island, this is where I was to meet my companions in hopefully our new legacy, and hopefully we can pave a futur for ourselves and become one of the most powerful forces that this world should see. My pride may have blinded me but magic shall be my eyes and the torrent of the spirit my guide. I am a Knight a Knight of the order and I hold the power of a Wizard I now possess the best of what I should need.

My Magic is only miniscule to the Great Wizards, time is an annoyance to I pure magic is hard to control so is wasted in my hands yet beasts are a speciality for I

I am now 28 a Apprentice of one of the great wizards and great teacher, Squire of a dead Lord, Debtor to a Faerie, A Knight in Armor, a boy in skin, Leader of outlaws and hidden inquiry of a Toad a creature that is not fully understood.

Al Ain

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