Arathos de Gascony


Arathos de gascony

===== Arathos de Gascony =====
Giant of a man and a gruff veteran of the Crusades hides the fact he’s a mage from outsiders and often pretends to be a bodyguard to one of the covenant magi. (Size, armor and a fuckhuge warhammer help)

Practicing a peculiar form of casting wherein he spins around like a dervish, often for long periods of time. Literary needs a bit to wind up and it is hard to stop just spewing random magic especially after a big spell.

Quite specialized he’s your go to man if you need rock or sand moved. Or if you just need a breath of fresh air. Eventually with experience the goal is to be raising and shaping whole floating castles and walls to produce a pleasant or eerie melody when a wind blows through.

Sigil: Sand. Always shows up. Swirls around the caster. Gargoyles shed it, walls look like they’ve been in a desert.

House: Tremere (Bonus to Certamen), Age 30
Reputations: (0 is basically not really known at all):
Veteran of the Crusades + 0; Giant whirling dervish of Gascony +0 (worked as a performer)

Boisterous +2 (think Brian Blessed, sonorous voice and hearty in good jest)
Wordly +2; A bastard in every port +2

Str +2 …. Dex -2 …. Int +2 …. Pre +1
Sta +4 …. Qui -2 …. Per +1 …. Com +1

Creo – 8
Rego – 5
Muto – 5
Intelego – 5
Perdo – 5

Terram – 8
Auram – 8
Imaginem – 5
Virtues:The Gift; Hermetic Magus
Major: Giant blood; Flexible Formulaic Magic
Minor: Minor magical focus (moving stone); Warrior; Well travelled; Skilled Parens
Flaws: Major: Magic Addiction; Study requirement
Minor: Outlaw leader; Lecherous; Magical animal companion; extra


Great Weapon (Warhammer)- 4 (from Warrior Virtue)

Philosophiae (Ritual whirl)- 1
Artes Liberales (Ritual whirl)- 1
Common Law -

Code of Hermes -
Finesse (precision)- 1
Magic Theory (inventing spells)- 4
Parma Magica (vs. Mentem)- 1
Penetration -

Area Lore – 2
Animal Handling
Athletics (jumping)- 1
Awareness – 1
Carouse (Wenches)- 3
Charm (Finer Wenches)- 1
Concentration (not getting dizzy)- 5
Craft: Stonemason (Sculptures) – 2
Etiquette (Lordly courts)- 2
Folk Ken
Hunt (Falconry)- 1
Leadership (Intimidation)- 1
Language (French)- 5
Language (Latin)- 4
Language (English)- 2
Language (Arabic)- 1
Organization Lore (Knightly orders)- 1
Profession (Perform: Dervish)- 2
Profession (Scribe)- 2
Ride (constructs aka stoneborn)- 1
Stealth – 1
Survival – 2
Teaching (Great weapon)- 1


Rego Terram 17+
~ Unseen porter – ReTe 10 – Lift objects and move them telekinetic [R: Voice D: Conc T: Ind] 156
~ The Earths Carbuncle – ReTe(Mu) 15 – Spikes erupt from earth like in Prototype (the game) [R: Voice D: Mom T: Part] 156

Creo Terram 20+
~ Levitation of the Stepping Stones – CrTe (req: Re) 25 (from website) – Large floating flat stones to hopscotch around on. [R: Voice D: Diameter T: Group]
~ The Egyptian gift – CrTe 10 – Dumps a huge pile of sand. [R: Voice D: Sun T: Individual]

Perdo Terram 17+
~ Obliteration of the metalic barrier – PeTe 20 – Touch metal &less wall to blast it away. [R: Touch D: Mom T: Individual] 155

Muto Terram 17+
~ Rock of viscid clay – MuTe 15 – Make rock real soft and shapeable. Great for crafting and detail work on fortress. [R: Touch D: Sun T: Part] 154

Creo Terram 20+
~ Wall of protecting Stone -CrTe 25 – Makes a wall(25×4×1paces). [R: Voice D: Sun T: Ind] 153

Intelego Imaginem 10+
~ Prying eyes -IntImaginem 5 – Touch wall, see the room behind it. [R: Touch D: Conc T: Room] 144

Creo Auram 20+ page125
~ Broom of the winds – CrAu 15 – Spins some poor fellow [R: Voice D: Mom T: Individual]
~ Charge of the angry winds – CrAu 15 – Wind blast [R: Voice D: Conc T: Individual]
~ Circling winds of protection – CrAu 20 – Surrounds you with strong circular winds. [R: Voice D: Conc T: Individual]

Combat and Gear

  • Warhammer: [Real stats, armored] Initiative -3 _ Attack +9 _ Defense +3 _ Damage +14
    [for reference Weapon stats WH: Init-0 _ Att+6 _ Dfn-0 _ Dam+12 _ Str+2] [Fist-All stats +0]

Soak – 4 – _ – Soak when armored (Full chain mail +9) – 13
Encumbrance when armored (penalty to Initiative and Spelcasting and Athletics but NOT Combat scores) -1

Fatigue – Ok, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unc.
Wounds – -1 Light(1-7)___, -3 Medium(8-14)___, -5 Heavy(15-21)___, Inc.(22-28), Dead(29+)


Do note that wearing metal and weapons is more of a detriment and a liability for a mage than usefull (it’s not going to stop lightning bolts, a weapon can be turned into a snake, armor to lava). I only wear it when venturing somewhere hostile or to impress the locals.

My char is going to be propping up some wacky buildings sorta overnight (to medieval standards of building). Expect lots of swinging like a dervish to cast some flying stones for jumping around. And just for a little fun not everything will be what it looks like.

Will be providing custom built towers, golems and gargoyles and similiar for free for everyone, however I will be requiring lots of Terram vis for these things and Auram vis for floating varieties.

Arathos de Gascony

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