Hooks: Unknown x 6, Minor Beholden, Minor Monster x 2, Minor Poverty,
Boons: Aura x 4, Hidden Resources x 2, Major Regio, Prestige Minor

Your current Covenant Build Points have bought the following.

  • Library (quality): Parma Magica 3(3), Penetration 3(4), Survival 4(3), Vim Art 5(3), Aquam 12(6)
  • Lab Texts:
  • Vis: 19/Yearly 40/Stocks
  • Specialists: Shipwright (3), Undecided (3), Salesman (5)
  • Enchanted Items: 2 Flying Stone Horses

The covenant is on a island on the north western coast of belgium near the edge of the Holy Roman Empires lands. The land itself was origionaly owned by Arnoldus Villicus, who gave it to the players to form their covenant on. There is a fairly powerful aura around the place, though not strong enough to warp grogs that live there, and several things of note are already known about the local area.

Port Cana
The Frosty Glade

Special Entrance
To get into the covenant requires knowing a particular path, trying to reach it otherwise, including simply flying in or such, will result in the person becoming confused and finding themselves at closest on the outskirts of the covenant but unable to enter. The path involves a lot of small things but of note is crossing on the RIGHT side of a large boulder & walking threw a small pond, then the final part involves walking forward to a certin spot & closing your eyes before you turn around, opening them you will find the clearing that the Covenant is in.


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