Type-Magic? Faerie?
Relation-Side Effect of John’s Magic, Covenant Pet/Slave
Attitude-Crazed, Confused, Foul Mouthed, Insulting, Over Dramatic

It should be noted that while Cybnarl seems to be a Trent he was supposedly created by out of control magic done by John, witch would imply that he is a magical creature. However, Trent’s are Faerie creatures by nature so weather Cybnarl is truly a Trent or not is questionable…

Trent’s are docile creatures usually & can be extremely hard to find, despite their numbers being quite large in any place touched by Faerie power. This is mostly because of their “sleepy” nature. Much like the trees they come from they tend to be quiet & calm, simply living, slowly adapting to things, unlike their non magical roots though Trent’s can be extremely dangerous & endurant. Magical flames tend to do little more then enrage older trents, and their resistance to physical damage is even more impressive. Often used by Faerie to guard important places, when they have a duty witch involves destruction Trent’s are persistent to the point of being self destructive. You could say that the creatures are “Loyal” in that they, like many of the Faerie creatures, embody certain aspects of life & those aspects they embody to a degree that normal creatures & people simply don’t. Purity of purpose. Usually it’s just sleeping & being a tree…sometimes that Purity is breaking anything that comes within reach, or tearing down the mage who burnt down it’s forests castle.


Cybnarl was “created” by John when he was trying to partially shrink trees for the grog’s to cut easier. His magic went out of control, perhaps because of the moderately strong aura in the Covenant, and the tree shrunk rapidly, only stopping when it was 2 feet tall & suddenly sprouted arms & legs & a attitude. The little tree tore it’s “feet” out of the ground and started screaming at the magi & grog’s, accusing them of being Giants & slayers of mother nature. He continued to sprout doom & insults, including at one point claiming to be able to smell Peter von Buren’s nasty vagina water.

Everyone seemed to find the oddly hostile & yet wholly not dangerous, he did throw dirt & even a rock at people, creature endearing & John took one of the crates that held the Horse Gargoyles & filled it with dirt then put the little Trent into it. He seems to have settled down while inside it but still occasionally spews out obscenities & is convinced the world is being or has been destroyed.


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