Location-German Trade Roads
Organization-Holy Roman Empire
Relation-Investigator, Guard, Empire Security, Official Church Representative
Attitude-Extremely Suspicious, Hateful of Mages, Threatening, Deceitful

The Executioner represents the church in an official manner in the same way a diplomat represents his country. Threw his special privileges and rights enforced by the church he has can dole out punishment on a level that even most nobility can’t. Little less is known about him…


The Executioner was part of the group the party met with Investigator Korneleous. the Cowled man, as Pyrus tended to refer to him, was extremely suspicious of the group to begin with and became much more so once he realized that one of them, at least, was a magi. Though Korneleous did most of the actual investigating and talking the Cowled man stood by giving occasional bits of information, threats & before they left the wagon he marked it with some sort of red marking that looked like a bloody hand.

The Party was quite cautious of him however and avoided angering him or going against him, as they knew the larger problems that could arise from getting on the wrong side of the church. After doing inventory before reaching the town they found a small bag of poisonous mushrooms planted by him and dealt with them accordingly. In the town they once again had to deal with him the next day, where he attempted to “finish” his framing, only to be foiled at the end…but maintained his composure, being quite upset but not doing anything crazy about it.

In the end the Executioner was avoided, perhaps annoyed and upset from his plan failing but he was dealt with in the “nicest” possible way. One would think he will be quite busy with his actual job in the coming months if not years, and so will pose…hopefully…little to no ongoing threat to what was essentially a randomly passing by wizard.


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