Fisherman Bob


Name-Fisherman Bob
Location-Coast by the Covenant
Organization-Villager near Port Cana
Relation-Boat Provider
Attitude-Slightly Cautious, Curious, Down To Earth, Honest

Fisherman Bob’s always been Fisherman Bob. When he was young his family owned the business, now he does. His life has been filled with ups & downs…well, as much as a peasant fisher ever has. Lost loves, lost children, great epic battles in the sea with monstrous sea creatures (or so he says on the occasional night he gets drunk). What an exciting life it must have been…i mean how else could he lead such a boring one now?


The players met Fisherman Bob when they were attempting to find a way to the island without having to go to Port Cana. Drake Darkstar noticed Bobs place from far away, and they traveled to it. The man was slightly cautious of the group, especially Drake who was snooping around and Vobis who wasn’t covered (and unlike the other 3 mages there suffers from the full effects of The Gift). After some discussions with Peter von Buren about the safety of Bobs last remaining fishing boat, the other one having suffered a sad fate, he agreed to let them use it as long as they payed a small fee & he kept a deposit to cover the boat just in case the mages decided to try and pull a fast one on him. After watching them load the boat & ship it to the island and back several times Fisherman Bob agreed to let the remaining 4 grogs use his stable to store the horses as long as they cleaned it up, and that was that, he retired into his house until the next session where we learn more about this exciting mans life.

Fisherman Bob

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