Investigator Korneleous


Location-German Trade Roads
Organization-Holy Roman Empire
Relation-Investigator, Guard, Empire Security
Attitude-Level Headed, Suspicious, Fair, Thoughtful

Korneleous grew up into his trade. As the son of a prominent guardsman in one of the major city’s in Germany he was trained by his father at a young age to understand the importance of the law, and the importance in being a man worthy of judging and enforcing his judgements on others. He has seen a lot in his days that has made him saddened & suspicious of most of those he protects, but despite his suspicions of common man he is at heart a protector & trying to do honest good for the Empire.


The players met Korneleous during Pyrus’s journey to the covenant. Korneleous, along with the Executioner and 2 others were suspicious of the players due to smuggling that was going on the route they were taking. The servant of the Holy Roman Empire was quite insistent in them cooperating & showed a modest degree of respect in return for their lack of problem making, going as far as to try and rein in the overly zealous Empire Executioner.
In the End Korneleous ended up agreeing that Pyrus and the grogs were not guilty & despite odd things happening around them, such as the Executioner suggesting some mushrooms they had were poisonous, and a “convenient” breaking of their wagon tire in town, he let them go on about their way, continuing the investigation in the town & quite sure that Pyrus had not been involved.

Investigator Korneleous

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