What im working with at the moment:

lnt +2
Per 0
Pre +1
Com 0
Str -2
Sta +3
Dex 0
Qik -1

Size: 0
Age. 23 (23)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence Score: I (3)

The Gift
Hermetic Magus
Flawless Magic
Affinity with Art (Muto)
Affinity with Art (Creo)
Quiet Magic
Skilled Parens
Subtle Magic
Animal Ken

Hedge Wizard
Unpredictable Magic
Weird Magic
Optimistic (Major)
Dark Secret

Personality Traits:
Carefree +2
optimistic +3
Obedient +1

Order of Hermes (Hedge Wizard) -3

Dodging: Init +0; Attack +2; Defence +2; Damage -2
Soak: +3
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0 -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1(1-5), -3(6-10), -5(11-15), incapacitated (16-20)

Animal Handling (Canidea) 2 (15)(0/5/10)
Athletics (Grace) 2 (15) (5/5/5)
Awareness (Humans) 1 (5) (5/0/0)
Brawl (Dodge) 2 (15) (10/5/0)
Concentration (Casting Spells) 2 (5) (0/0/5)
Hunt (Small Mammals) 1 (10) (0/10/0)
Native Language: English (Nature) 5 (75) (75/0/0)
Stealth (Urban) 1 (10) (10/0/0)
Survival (Scavenging) 1 (10) (5/5/0)
Swim (Rivers) 2 (15) (10/5/0)
Artes Liberales 1 (5) (0/0/5)
Latin (Hermetic Turms) 4 (50) (0/0/50)
Magic Theory* (Animal) 3 (30) (0/0/30)
Parma Magica* (Animal) 1 (5) (0/0/5)
Penetration (Rego) 1 (5) (0/0/5)
Animal Ken* (Canidea) 2 (30) ({5}/0/15/5)
Heartbeast* (Fox) 1 (5) ({5}/0/0/0)

Cr 10
In 2
Mu 10
Pe 2
Re 8

An 2
Aq 2
Au 2
Co 2
He 6
Ig 2
Im 2
Me 2
Te 6
Vi 1

Twilight Scars: None
Equipment: Wizardly robes, Staff.
Encumber: 0 (0)

Spells Known:
True Rest of the Injured Beast (CrAn 15) +16
Range: Personal Duration: Moon Target: individual
The Injured target gets a +9 bonus to all recovery rolls made while the spell is in effect.

Beast of Outlandish Size (MuAn 10) +16
Range: Personal Duration: Sun Target: individual
Changes the size of an animal by +1. This change modifies Damage by +2, the range for
each wound level increases by one and Defense falls by 1. The new beast is of huge size and looks
much more impressive than its previous self. Townspeople may run an fear of it and there as little doubt among them that it as a creature of magic.

Creeping Oil (CrAq 15) +16
Range: Voice Duration: Moon Target: individual
Range: Personal Duration: Sun Target: individual
Saturates a porous material with flammable oil. When casting this spell you make a flicking
motion with your index finger and thumb, as if propelling something at the target. A drop of oil appears on the target after the spell is finished and slowly spreads over the target saturating enough cloth to cover a person. if used on a person’s cloths and ignited, the oil does +12 damage
the first round +6 the second and +0 the third.

Break the Oncoming Wave (ReAq 10) +14
Range: Personal Duration: Concentration Target: individual
Breaks all wave and torrents of water (including magical) ones as they come within
10 paces of you. the water either crashes to the ground or flows around you in a truly
impressive display.

Chamber of Spring Breeze (CrAu 5) +16
Range: Touch Duration: Sun Target: individual
Creates a breeze of fresh air that continually moves throughout a room. Keeping the air continuously breathable even if the room is airtight. The breeze can be created outdoor, but there it has little effect.

Trap of the Enchanted Vines (CrHe 15) +20
Range: Voice Duration: Sun Target: Group
Causes strong woody vanes to grow rapidly from fertile earth. The vines cover a
circle 2 paces across and reach 6 feet high. Anything caught within them is immobilized. To avoid the vines the target must make a Quickness – Encumbrance stress roll of 9. To break out requires a Strength stress roll of 12 (allowed once a round). Someone not trapped can cut a trapped person free in two rounds, assuming proper tools. The vines weaken and weather to dust at sunrise or sunset.

Thalimaturgical Transformation of Plant to Iron (MuHe(Te) 20) +20
Range: Touch Duration: Sun Target: individual
Makes any plant dead or alive as hard as iron. Affects any amount of continuous plant material up to the size of a small tree Sharp edged plants can become deadly when they are made this hard.

Palm of Flame (CrIg 5) +8
Range: Touch Duration: Concentration Target: individual
A flame leaps up in your palm which must be upturned for the spells duration. The flame casts light like a torch, and can ignite very flammable items It does no damage, and
does not bum the caster.

Flash of Scarlet Flames (CrIg 15) +12
Range: Voice Duration: Moment Target: individual
A brilliant red flash explodes in the air where you designate. If you target a persons face the target needs a Stamina stress roll of 9 to avoid temporary blindness. If the target botches
the roll he is permanently blinded. If temporarily blind he can try to make a simple Stamina roll of 9 each minute to recover. The flash is equivalent to looking straight at the sun.

Prying Eyes (InIm 5) +8
Range: touch Duration: Concentration Target: Room
You can see inside a room as long as you can touch one of its walls. If the room is unlit
or poorly lit you can only see as much as you could if you were outside but magical enhancements of your senses do apply. You may change your viewpomt within the room throughout the duration of the spell.

The Crystal Dart (MuTe 10) +12
Range: Voice Duration: Moment Target: individual
A 10 inch crystal dart rises from the ground at your feet, floats into the air, and speeds off like an arrow at a target that is within voice range. It does +10 damage and always hits its target, although it must penetrate Magic Resistance to have any real effect.

From Fox to Sparrow (MuAn 15) +16
Range: Personal Duration: Sun Target: individual
Changes from the caster into a sparrow for the duration of the spell. Caster must be an animal.

Teleport Animal Form (ReAn 10) +14
Range: Personal Duration: Instant Target: individual
Instantly moves the caster 5 paces. Caster must be an animal.

Covenant Build Points:
Vis Source: 4 pawns per year (20)
Vis Stocks: 10 pawns (2)
Specialist: a shipwright if on an island, else a stonemason (3)
Library books:
perma magica Summa: quality 3; level 3 (9)
penatration Summa: quality 4 level 3 (9)



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