Arnoldus Villicus

Powerful Well Known Politician & Backer of the Covenant


Name-Arnoldus Villicus
Organization-Theoretical wing of house Bonisagus
Relation-Funded the Covenant, providing the location & well as many resources
Attitude-Busy, Determined, Polite, Political

Arnoldus Villicus is the reason the Covenant can exist. Originally the land where the Covenant is being built was bought by him, though technically he no longer owns it due to some less known rules in the Order. As one of the most powerful & still active wizards in Europe, Villicus is a driven man, someone with great resources to spend, superhuman intelligence on how to spend them, and with the same grand goal as most people in his house, to further to Order of Hermes & the very theories of Hermetic Magic it’s built around. He is known as being prone to extravagantly spending resources on things he believes in the end will progress the Order as a whole, and while quite often such ideas are extremely alarming or very odd at inception, no one can argue against his amazing success rate in such endeavors.

Arnoldus is a powerful man, both in magic and politics. His personal pull is not the only forces he can bring to bear though as he has trained many apprentices over his nearly 100 years alive. Practically every apprentice of his has been of special note for one reason or another, because of their prowess as mages, their mysterious or fantastical deaths, or a few because of their infamy…

Though none of the players has ever personally met the man they have all received a letter from him explaining his well wishes to them and a offer of providing them with support should they come into dire need for it. How likely he is to hold up to his offer & what the offer really means though is as unknown as his reason for providing and backing up the Covenant in the first place.


Though his rise threw apprenticeship is well documented as showing a great deal of promise and inert talent, he joined the order at the age of 25, having already learned the magical arts from roots that are unknown but believed to be pagan. He quickly turned to the Orders views on magic & is a stalwart defender of the rigidness of laws & importance in their strictest enforcement.

His life after apprenticeship was one of fast progress, risky endeavors & the odd ability to constantly be around special & unique happenings…even more often then a wizard normally is. After a turbulent decade and a half he settled down for the middle ages of his career and over the next nearly half century spent his time doing personal research, occasionally publishing texts & revelations that got him his reputation he has today of a genius among magi. Only recently, in the past 2 decades, has become active in the non studious aspects of a wizards career.

As one of the major figures in Bonisagus, Arnoldus Villicus has at times been considered the leading voice in the houses Theoretical branch because of his constant involvement in it and his success with pushing the boundaries of known Magical Law.

Arnoldus Villicus

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