Pseudo Dragon


Name-None Decided
Species-Pseudo Dragon
Relation-Stalker of Pyrus, Magical Pest, Devious Critter
Attitude-Sneaky, Agressive, Curious, Troublemaker, Stalker

Pseudo Dragons are known for their magical nature & their curious & quite often disruptive personalities. They are viewed by many in the magical community as a pest, especially the ones witch have not been trained by or bonded to a mage. Small in statue and unable to do much more in the way of hurt others then a particularly large house cat, Pseudo Dragons main “danger” comes from the fact they can turn invisible (some at will, others seem somewhat limited to how often) & their capability of flight. These 2 things mix with their curious nature & turn them into atrociously annoying thieves. Pseudo Dragons are naturally drawn to magical auras, regios & people with The Gift.

While Pseudo Dragons do grow older with age they will never reach much larger then a dog & tend to grow more sullen & less curious the older they are. It is important to note that while the creatures do not possess the magical breath attacks of a dragon the much older ones have been known to master small magical powers, occasionally manifesting as breath like attacks.


This little creature was “found” by Pyrus Greed, as it was stalking him during the mages journey threw Germany to the covenant. Having caused some amount of disruption to the mage while in a slightly dangerous situation (see Investigator Korneleous) the creature was found out the next day as it latched onto Pyrus’s nose as he slept.

After a brief confrontation with the mage the little pest continued to follow him, either hiding in or around the wagon, often completely undetectable due to it’s invisibility.

Pseudo Dragon

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