Pyrus Greed


Pryus Greed is a house Flambeau magi who joined the covenant with the rest of you, he showed up late on his own with a few grogs, having been delayed slightly by Investigator Korneleous due to a mix up with smuggling accusations.

Little is known of him except for that apparently a small Pseudo Dragon had been stalking him threw Germany & he has stated that he would appreciate it if none of the other magi harmed the little creature.

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House Flambeau
Age: 26
Characteristics: lnt +2, Per +1, Pre -1, Com +0, Str +0, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +0
Virtues:The Gift; Hermetic Magus; Mythic Blood(Draconic); Greater Immunity(Fire); Puissant Ignem.
Flaws: Incompatible Arts(Muto/Corpus); Driven (Minor/Find a Dragon and study); Obsessed (Minor/Dragons); Favours (Major/Arnoldus).

Personality Traits: Logical +3, Obsessive +1, Polite +1

Abilities: English 5; Athletics 3(Running); Awareness 2(Keeping Watch); Brawl 1(Punches); Concentration 3(Spell Concentration); Latin 4; Folk Ken 1(Townsfolk); French 2; Artes Liberales 1(Logic); Magic Lore 2(Dragons); Magic Theory 3(Inventing Spells); Parma Magica 1(Mentem); Survival 2(Mountains); Swim 1(Long Distance); Penetration 1(Creo); Dutch 2; Code of Hermes 1(Mundane Relations); Single Weapon 1(Sword);

Build Points:
Vis Source: 1 pawns per year (5).
Magic Lore Summa: Quality 3, Level 4 (15).
Theology Summa: Quality 3, Level 4 (15).
Medicine Summa: Quality 3, Level 4 (15).

Creo 5; Intellego 1; Muto 3; Perdo 4; Rego 3.
Animal 3; Aquam 3; Auram 3; Corpus 3; Herbam 3; Ignem 7+3(puissant); Imaginem 3; Mentem 3; Terram 3; Vim 3;

Pyrus Greed

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