"The 3 Stooges"


3 stooges
Grogs are minor characters of the covenant and every player or DM can “play” any of them, saying what they do without spending a lot of time on them, in addition to their main mage PC.

Here are some of our more peculiar grogs. We still have the normal allotment of grogs (the usually warriors, bodyguards and servant)these are just from my minor Flaw background. They were all picked up from the local dungeon or we will roleplay recruiting them from there. Nicknamed “The 3 Stooges” cause they hang out together a lot and goof.

Note: None of these are stupid and know better than to (really) anger a mage. They depend on the covenant more than the other way around, but are generally pricks, selfish and problematic. Ie. the arsonist would never burn our library but he just might set some village peasants chicken on fire and watch it run if he thinks he can get away with it without trouble from the covenant. The artist loves to make somebody a fool but won’t create insulting works to a mage. Hah. Unless the mage has bad perception and the other mages are in on it. :)

*Crime Lord* “Point-Dexter”
Once a feared local crime lord he still has his fingers dipped but has to lay low. Keeps the other grogs in line.

Int +1 Per 0 Pre +1 Com +1 Dex 0 Qui +2 Str +1 Sta 0 Age 38 Decrepitude- 1

-Great weapon (greatsword) 5
-Guile (lying to authority) 2
-Bargain (extortion) 4
-Intrigue (plotting) 4
-Leadership (keeping people in line) 3
-Folk ken (rich people) 3
-Org. Lore – Guildhouses (Jewelers) 4
-Athletics 1
-Ride (Silently) 2
-Charm (gullible people) 2

Virtue minor
-Social Contacts (criminals) (network of old acquaintances)
-Piercing Gaze

Flaw minor
-Proud (58) – Thinks he knows better, “improving” on orders given
-Blackmail /(extortion) (likes to shake up merchants)
-Driven (amass wealth and restore crime syndicate)
-Branded criminal (minor social status)

-Busybody gossip +2 (friend to numerous merchants and thieves)
-Stone cold killer +1
-Lazy +1
-Loyalty +0 (looks out for himself first but within the confines of the charter, if anything out of fear)

*Artiste* “Fico”
A political prisoner rather than a criminal, he is not what he appears to be.
Also most of his talented works of art have a hidden offensive content.

Str -2 Sta -1 Dex +3 Qui -1 Per +2 Com +2 Pre 0 Int 0 Age 27

-Craft : Sculpture – 5
-Craft : Painting – 5
-Single weapon (dagger) – 2
-Guile (Disguise) – 5
-Proffession: Acting (male characters) – 3
-Athletics (Navigating crawlspaces) – 1

Virtue minor
-Troupe upbringing (50) (Travelling actors) +2 to impersonating
-Free expression

Minor Flaws
-Small frame
-Transvestite (is actually a woman)
-Outcast (minor flaw social status)

-Loyalty -2 (covenant is just more opressing people with rules)
-Controversial and oppinionated +3
-Low self-esteem -3

*Arsonist* “Sprignacius”
A drifter. Claims “Fire sprites”, small balls of fire with legs and a mischevious demeanor are to blame, but was caught happily using a torch to burn a house.

Str +2 Sta +1 Dex +1 Qui +1 Pre 0 Com 0 Int 0 Per +1 Age 19

-Brawl +2
-Single weapon +4
-Legerdemain +4 (pickpocket)
-Athletics (breaking and entering) +3
-Stealth (shadowing) +4
-Survival (trashcans) +1
-Hunt (squirels) +1

Wanderer (free social virtue)
-Latent Magic Ability (Palm of Flame `CrIg5` and Dance of flames `ReIg5`)
-Light touch (ie. pickpocket)

-Compulsion (Arson)
-Weak willed

-Loyalty 2 (4 to any magus who expresses desire to investigate his ability)
-Apathy +2
-Lazy +2

(Not entirely in control of his abilities, later he is often seen playing with his hands when bored or on watch by having a flame appear on his palm and then dissapear when clenched).


"The 3 Stooges"

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