Hover slab


Hover slab.

Is ok but too much time spent upload

Not so much an item as a focus for a spell that lasts for about a day. About 4 of them should be enough and can be “safely” and leisurely prepared in around 10 minutes at dawn.

lvl15/20? Rego Terram (req: Auram)
Range-Touch Duration-Sun -Target-Ind.

A circular slab of stone with a small whirlwind blowing downwards from its bottom.
Keeps level (ie. on hills), maintains about 1 meter height, easily pushed around and can carry a very heavy load without friction. You can also sit on it and steer it if youre lazy to walk. (It can fly high but isn’t recomended without a parachute).
Floating is provided by a hybrid of magic telekinesis and magic wind power, so a very modest spontaneous Rego Auram allows you geat control and even flight. It maneouvers like a hoverboat which is to say not at all.

Suggested usage:
Be happy it isn’t also fucking pink because of that movie and 1.21 jiggawats.


Hover slab

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