The Stillness After

There was a rumbling and the ground shook as if some great thing fell. We all held onto what was near and waited for the tremors to stop. Once they had we continued on our way. It wasn’t until we were back in Cana a few hours later that we realized one of the wagons had gone missing…We never heard a sound, it must have been Daedis. -A Local Port Cana Caravan Master

Location Underground, presumably because of the shaking earth. Though it’s lair, if it has one, is unknown, the creature is known to inhabit the local around Cana, occasionally stretching further south.

Temper Unknown. Reports of Daedis are hard to confirm as the creature is never seen and often only preceded by a reported rumbling of the earth. Many people and travelers that have gone missing are falsely given as casualties of the monster. How many deaths actually occur are unknown, but creditable reports happen yearly.

Threat Level Unknown, at least Moderate. For being unseen the Daedis seems to strike targets at random, though most likely true reports come from people traveling the major roads. The creature seems to swallow up entire wagons leaving no sign of it’s attack.

Risk vs Reward Also Unknown. No one knows what the Daedis is or what it looks like, there are little to few reports matching it in known magical creatures & the nature of monsters from other realms is such that it could be anything. However the reports of it effecting the earth in such a great way & it’s ability to devour? whole wagons would suggest it is a large creature with high concentrations of terrum magic, and therefor vis.

Realm Unknown, possibly Magic or Faerie.


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