Hermetic Magic Dice Pools and Totals

Hermetic Magic Information

Basic Casting
Casting Score: Technique + Form + Stamina + Aura Modifier
Formulaic Casting Total: Casting Score + Die Roll
Spontaneous Magic Casting Total: Casting Score/5
Fatiguing Spontaneous Magic Casting Total: (Casting Score + Stress Die)/2
Ritual Casting Total: Casting Score + Artes Liberales + Philosophiae + Die Roll

Form Bonus: Form Score/5 (rounded up)
Penetration Total: Casting Total + Penetration Bonus – Spell Level
Concentration Roll: Stamina + Concentration + Stress Die
Fast Casting Speed: Quickness + Finesse + Stress Die
Aiming Roll: Perception + Finesse + Die
Determining Form of Magical Effect: Perception + Awareness vs 15 – Effect Magnitude

Bonuses, Penalties & Limits
Vis Use Spellcasting Limit: Magi’s Art Score of Vis Type
Vis Boost to Casting Score: +2 Casting Score per Pawn
Vis Use Botch Dice: +1 Die Per Pawn
Fast Cast Penalty: -10 to Casting Score
Fast Cast Botch Dice: +2 Dice
Ceremonial Casting Bonus: +Artes Liberales & Philosophiae to Casting Score
Mastery Ability: +Mastery Ability to Casting Score & -Mastery Ability from Botch Dice
Targeting: -1 Casting Score for Each Target Including First

Avoidance: Stamina + Concentration + Vim Form Bonus + Stress Die vs Warping Score + Warping Points Just Gained + Enigmatic Wisdom + Aura + Stress Die (no botch)
Comprehension: Intelligence + Enigmatic Wisdom + Stress Die vs Warping Score + Stress Die
Botch Dice: 1 + 1 Per Warping Point Just Gained
Time: Intelligence + Stress Die vs Warping Score + Stress Die, on spell duration scale

Combat Totals
Initiative: Quickness + Finesse + Stress Die
Attack: Presence + Technique or Form + Stress Die
Defense: Perception + Form or Technique + Stress Die
Weakening: Intelligence + Penetration + Attack Advantage
Resistance: Stamina + Parma Magica
Attack Advantage: Attack Total – Defense Total (if Attack Total is Higher)

Hermetic Magic Dice Pools and Totals

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