The Simmering Cliffs of Rage

The waves came first, high and wild, completely out of season, we knew something was up even that early. They continued to toss about the ships & docks for hours before we realized what was causing it. The beast, the Leviathan was out in the ocean, swirling about, making those waves. Occasionally threw the storm some of us caught a glimpse, the silhouette of its form or a flash of light on its scales, i know of no fish in nature that shimmers like that. We would all get a much clearer view of the beast once things got personal…some of my friends were not quick or lucky enough to survive when it decided to come to the shore.-Port Cana Dockworker

Location Near. The Order belives the Leviathan to live somewhere around the cliffs near Cana, the people of Cana themselves belive it to live somewhere around…the island your Covenant is on.

Temper The Leviathan goes threw stages of slumber and has been in one for the past 10 years. When it does rise it tends to trash the coast & often ends up costing the people of Cana several months worth of work in damage.

Threat Level For a Magical Creature this Leviathan is considered to be only a minor danger. Should you somehow enrage it or if it woke up it would be a big problem, and if you somehow gained its wrath then it could be a serious threat to your young Covenant.

Risk vs Reward High. The Leviathan is a huge powerful creature of intense magic, both in its form and in its ability. If you could work out a way to harness or bargin with it imense profits are possible.

Realm Unknown, possibly Magic or Faerie.


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