Magnitudes Target Durations and Ranges

Magnitude Information

1 Magnitude is equal to 1 spell level for spell levels 1-5, however once you reach spell level 5 every Magnitude there after adds 5 spell levels. This means a spell of level 4 would be Mag 4, but a spell of lvl 10 would be Mag 6. On the following list every BOLD word represents a increase in magnitude from the previous Range/Duration/Target. All spells by default are Range Personal, Duration Momentary, & Target Individual

Ranges-The range of a spell is the distance to the nearest part of the target of the spell. Thus if you are touching the external wall of a room, you could cast a Target Room spell. A spell that has a continuing effect remains in effect even if you move out of range. A spell taht allows you to control the effect only permits that control as long as you are within range, however it does not expire it you move out of range and may be recontroled once you enter again.
Personal- You or what you are wearing/carrying
Touch- What you touch
Eye- Any person or creature that makes eye contact with you. Normal & unexpecting humans will make eye contact, during combat or against someone who is specificly avoiding eye contact there is no way to get it. It requires a round of calm concenration with an animal to achieve eye contact with it
Voice- Anything to which your voice carries, generaly 15 paces (30 feet) for talking and 50 paces (100 feet) for shouting. The range is based on how far your voice carrys not if someone can hear you.
Sight- Anything you can see. This is effected heavily by weather, how high up you are and so on.
Arcane Connection- Anything that you have an Arcane Connection to, distance is immaterial.

Durations-If a spell with a momentary effect, such as healing a wound, creating a fire or making a pit, is cast with a longer duration it generaly sustains that effect instead of doing it over and over. A pit made by destroying earth with a duration of sun could not be filled with earth again for that length of time, though could with people or animals, and once over the earth wouldn’t appear back since it was destroyed.
Momentary- Lasts for a moment but generaly causes long term effects, such as hurling something to another place, destroying someones hand or lighting a curtin on fire. Ritual Creo spells with this duration create things that last the normal amount of time as that object, healing effects are also permanint when done threw a ritual.
Concentration- As long as you concentrate, without distractions this is 15 minutes per point of Concentration. Distractions use the rules on page 82.
Diameter- 2 minutes.
Sun- Until the sun rises or sets (witch ever happens next).
Ring- Until the target moves outside of a drawn ring or the ring is broken. A ring must be drawn whil the spell is being cast, you may use magic to draw a ring but the magic must be touch range & you must trace the ring. You may not move more quickly then 10 paces (20 feet) a round. You must make a Int + Concentration roll of 6+ every round to maintain concentration while drawing the ring. The ring may already exist, such as a permanint one in the floor, but you still must trace it, though it dosn’t require Cocnentration checks.
Moon- Until the new and full moon have both set.
Year- Until the sunrise on the fourth equinox or solstice after its casting, witch ever is first. This spell must be a ritual.

Individual- A single discrete thing, such as a person or a object. A boulder is a discrete object, a mountain is not. Clothes on a person or moss on a boulder count as part of the individual. Many Forms have a specific listing for what a individual is considered in refrence to that Form.
Circle- The spell affects everything within a ring drawn by you at the casting & ends if the circle is broken even if that is before the duration is up. Look at Ring in the above list for specific information about drawing the circle.
Part- A part of a discrete thing, such as their arm or a part of the ground. These are spatial parts, things that could physicaly be removed from the object in some sense. A persons mind or senses is not a part of them, their heart is however. Once a part is no longer part of something it is considered an individual, though this does not effect the currently cast spell.
Group- A group of people. They must be close together and must be seperated from other things of its type. You could not effect 5 people in a crowed of 30 unless those 5 people were all close to one another. The spell lasts its full duration even if the group breaks up after casting, things that join the group after casting are NOT effected. You can target a individual with a group spell.
Room- Everything within a chamber. This room can be very large, such as a cave, but must be enclosed and have definite boundaries. This spell is useless if there is no boundaries, such as with a valley.
Structure- Everything within a single structure, the structure itself counts. It must be a single linked edifice. In general if it is all covered by one literal roof it is a structure.
Boundary- Everything within a well-defined natural or man-made boundary. This could be a village, the shores of a lake, a forest. The Ocean does not have obvious boundaries. This spell is useless if there is no boundaries. This spell must be a ritual.

Other Spell Specific Limits & Rules

Spell Magnitude: Level/5 (rounded up)
Spell Guidelines: Range: Personal, Duration: Momentary, Target: Individual
Intellego Spells: Not affected by Target size
Base Individual: Determined by Form
Base Part: Same as Individual
Base Group: Mass of Ten Standard Individuals
Base Room: Large Enough for 100 Standard Individuals
Base Structure: Ten Base Rooms
Base Boundary: Area 100 Paces in Diameter (200 feet)
Increasing Size: Size * 10 per Magnitude added
Requisite Necessary for Spell’s Effect: +0 Magnitude
Requisite Enhances Spell’s Effect: +1 Magnitude
Added Effect is Purely Cosmetic: No Requisite

Magnitudes Target Durations and Ranges

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