Points of Interest

This is a list of various places/items the group has found that would be suitable for deeper investigation. Many of these things will be given their own entry if and when they become understood/important enough, like Leviathan & The Frosty Glade. This section is not just for things you have found in the world however, feel free to comment or ask me to add any particular PoI you can think of, such as local factions, locations or creatures.

The Island

All of the following either are on the island or involve it heavily

Out of Place Climate The entire island is tropical despite being on the shore of Belgium. Plants grow here that should only be around the equator, all year long. It’s as if a island of the Bahamas was picked up and plopped outside Port Cana.

Lack of Indigenous Fauna John found out from several animals he talked to that there is supposedly no animals that actually live on the island full time, except for the black crows. While it is common for islands to have a very small biome, to have no local fauna when so close to the shore is unheard of.

Ground Radiates Warmth The entire island radiates a light warmth that is only really apparent when bare skin is pressed against the ground. It isn’t hot enough to burn you, nor is it uncomfortable, but it is curious…

Leviathans Lair? There are rumors that Leviathan might have it’s lair around the island. Though the magi all have more reliable resources that place it closer around Port Cana it is still something that would be reasonable to look into.

Black Monstrous Crows The only, reportedly, indigenous species on the island, the Black Crows are large creatures that some have reported as being monstrous. While John is the only one that has seen any of them even slightly up close, all he noticed was that they are very aggressive, oddly large for grows, and their features seem slightly more sinister and threatening…They are known to attack the birds that visit the island and eat them. Do they have nests on the island? Are they really indigenous from here? There’s quite a bit that could be looked into on these avian’s.

Rumors of Magical Fruit Some of the trees on the island that bear fruits & nuts are said to be unique species, magical in nature or perhaps influenced by magic, the birds told john you never know what will happen when you consume them. Is there a source for this phenomenon? Perhaps a zone particularly overflowing with fruit? Is it linked to the covenant? What sort of magical properties might the food have…

Sandy Patch of Jagged Stone North of the covenant near the beach is a patch of out of place stone. The rocks are edged & look almost thrust up out of the ground, or like the ridges on the back of a turtle shell, only they are randomly placed & have no pattern to them. The stones do not radiate the heat the rest of the island does & they are least somewhat supernatural in some sense…though in what sense is unknown. The field of stone is roughly 400 feet in diameter.

Beach Debree All sorts of bits and pieces of everything from trash to ship wrecks to odds & ends from villages on the Belgium shore seem to wash up on these beaches. There are probably some particularly unique or interesting things to be found under the sand, or the waves.

Small Dense Jungle Around the south west edge of the north east hill on the island is a dense jungle type forest, though it is oddly empty of the constant & varied noises such lands are known for. What might possibly be in there?

Fishermans Boat The fishermas old boat was found on the shore, it wouldn’t take much work for a shipwright and some magic to clean it up to be good to use again. It’s a small fishing boat, could fit 12 people if you were willing to be a bit risky, and it shouldn’t be used to go more then a few miles on a trip. Keep it? Give/sell it back to the fisherman?

Magical Fruit Grove Draky Darkstar found a concentreation of weird trees with odd fruit growing to the west of the covenant. The grove seems to be about a 1/2 mile clump of concentreated magical trees. What could be inside of the grove? There sure is a lot of this fruit…

Cursed Seed? On the beach the party came across a odd dinner plate sized seed of some sort. One side is smooth & covered with barnicles, the other side sprouts long hard fibrous growths. The whole thing seems to be made of the same material, except for the barnicles. 2 Grogs that touched the seed suddenly turned into a pool of water, permanintly, and basicly died. The seed it’s self dosn’t seem to radiate magic and has no metal in it.

Sink Hole Sunken Ship On the south eastern end of the island where a small inlet from the sea has left shallow calm water there is a sinkhole that goes down till the light fails & nothing but a black void remains. In there hanging on the rocky edges 50 feet down is half of a old trading ship. It seems to be precariously balanced, and is likely to fall down into the void if it’s messed with. Peter von Buren went down and looked at the ship up close, seeing some crates inside & a open door to the captains cabin, but little could be seen inside.

Points of Interest

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