Port Cana

Docks in the Bay

Major Trades
Fishing, specializing in shellfish & close shore fish
Farming, most of the farming goods in Cana are from outlying farmers
Jewelry & Crafts, most popularly made from shellfish, seashells & driftwood
Small Boats, with a minor shipbuilding dock Cana exports and makes its own small seaworth craft

Port Cana is mostly known for it’s extreemly active port, giving it quite a reputation for being a minor trade route and a end point for many people in Holy Roman Empire who are traveling outside of their terririties. The ports visitors arn’t only the locals & the empire however,it is a trusted town because of being fairly stable in the region despite being close to some boundries & the sea.

One of the side effects of having so many local farmers & being a tradeport is the amount of goods that flows to from & threw Cana means prices are usualy at a premium & a variety that is uncommon even for a port is present.

Fisherman, Merchants, Dockworkers, Ruling Class, Clergy: All of these people actualy live their lives in Cana
Farmers, Merchants, Holy Roman Soldiers, Travelers: They come to Cana either to sell their wares or while passing threw

The port has a healthy supply of people from smaller towns a day or 2 outside of it, mostly farmers and some smaller groups of crafters or people just living their lives for one reason or another seprit of the larger groups. The jews have their own village that has quite a reputation for the goods they provide.

The society is class based like most of the world but more diverse then many places, the influx of foreigners as well as being on the far western edge of the Holy Empires influence being a almost perfect melting pot not only for people and ideas. The ruling class of Cana & the Church however see to that things don’t get disorderly or heretical.

The ruling class of the town is influenced by the holy roman empire, mostly threw the church, but they do have a lot of pull in the town, especialy in the fact that they can respond to developments much quicker then the empire. They pay their taxes, provide the soldierrs that come threw with proper treatment, provide bonuses & special services to offical emisarys, and hold their own taxes on the people as well, never skimming the Empires share.

Overall Cana is a thriving multicultural (for the time at least) port town with ties to the Holy Roman Empire. They have no offical stance on mages or the magical world, though they are aware of it.

Port Cana

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