Requirements For Play


Here are some of the required programs for joining my game.

maptools version 1.3.b7
hamachi unmanaged, yes you will have to make an account sorry here.

Scheduling We will use this for determining when people can play. Here.
Obsidian Portal I will be using this site to host campaign info, please make a account and join, and make at least a place holder character post. Here.
Ars Magica 5th edition We will just be using the core rulebook for 5th edition, if you need it just contact me.
Character Sheet I coudln’t find a great one online that was editable but found one that will work, just message me for the pdf of it. If you find a better one please inform me.
More Spells A site with several player made spells. Great for examples. You can start with some of them but it requires me looking over them to make sure they are allowed & they count as personaly created splles (witch you are limited to at character creation). Here.

Requirements For Play

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