The Frosty Glade

Long ago a woodsman lived in the forest here. A hermit by nature he spent his entire life in the woods away from his own kind, instead preferring to mingle with nature & it’s creatures. His life was filled with the pleasant smells & sounds of the wild, but also with the hard work that living off the land away from civilization brings.

One particularly bad winter, after several previously harsh ones the woodsman found himself unable to harvest the amount of food he knew he would need to get him threw the tough winter season. Stubbornly not wanting to leave his home he instead risked the coming cold with determined & foolish resolve, how was he to know it was to be the worst yet to come. Threw the storms of snow and sleet, despite the lack of wildlife to hunt down and eat the woodsman lasted to near the end of winter before he found himself almost out of food. He was quite sure that his lifetime of hard work and the tough conditions he was used to that he would be able to make it past the remaining weeks of the season.

He celebrated that night and the following night, taking pride out of having shown the wild that he was in tune with it, and could weather even the coldest, harshest season like a endurant pine.His joy slowly turned to worry as the season reached the days that should have been heralding its end…yet the temperatures did not rise, the animals did not begin to come back & no buds graced the forest.

Over the next several weeks his tiny food supply dwindled to none, and he began wandering the forest in a stupor, seeking out any form of nourishment that would be too risky normally, such as dangerous animals & poisonous plants. Even these endeavors were not enough to last the abnormally long winter however, and as he found himself laying in a small clearing, looking up at the grey clouds in the chilly sky without the strength to go on he was approached by a faerie.

A bargain was made between the Fae & Man. In his desperate straights the woodsman was sealed in a block of ice until the end of winter, his remaining strength & warmth feeding the magical being while he was protected until his agreed upon time to be released came…however as the Fae often attempt to do to mortals he was tricked. In his confusion and near death state he failed to specify that the deal was until the end of THIS winter and so was sealed away for as long as the trickster spirit wanted.

What happened to the woodsman is unknown, no one tells of hearing from him again. Perhaps the Faerie drug him to its otherworldly home to eternally bask in the foolish mortals warmth…but if so, where did the story come from?

Local Views
In the forests of the land near Port Cana is said to be a glade where the temperature drops drastically and plants from another region grow. The Trees surrounding the clearing rarely bud & only winter animals visit the location. Those who cross this place quickly leave, as legends speak of the Faerie inhabiting it. Woe be unton anyone who rests in the location.

The Frosty Glade is a old weak Faerie Region that at one point in time may have been touched by or the home of a powerful Fae but now is more the remnants of a magical area then being a particularly alive one. Little danger is to be had in such places, but they also only rarely offer useful things such as Vis, though for anyone interested in the Fae themselves could prove entertaining at least. You have been informed by the Order of a more specific location of the Glade, though it would still take some searching to find, as such magical locations often resist intrusion.

The Frosty Glade

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