Dealing With A Magical Life.

Imagine an age where myth is real and where the superstitions of the common folk hold true: faeries dance in forest glades, angels protect the Church, demons corrupt the weak, and wizards wield magic beyond the ken of other mortals. You play these magi, gathered in covenants with your allies and servants, unlocking secret powers and creating wonders. You and your friends will also portray the loyal companions and grogs who stand with the magi, as a buffer between them and the mundane world that often misunderstands their power and motives.

At it’s heart Ars Magica is about the character development of your magi and the convent you and your fellow magi, as well as quite often your grogs, live in. Your choices, drives, goals & actions will effect not only the outcome of your own life but those around you, from fellow magi to the Order as a whole. With a deep magic system that provides limitless ability to create your own spells, as well as in depth rules for working in your laboratory & on the convent itself, there is no other RPG that has as fully fleshed a magic system as Ars Magica.

Ars Magica, Doomed From The Start

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